Arkham Archives is the widest series of gamebooks set up in the world of the Cthulhu Mythos ever written, born from the mind of Master H. P. Lovecraft.

You’ll live terrifying adventures through the eyes of four characters in different times and spaces, trying to solve a mystery that was buried deep in the archives of the Arkham Sanitarium… a mystery that leads towards a cataclysm as old as the Universe itself.

The game materials feature:

four different gamebooks, with different mechanics, each of which contains about 300 playable chapters!

– a limited edition, custom poker card deck, with amazing artworks featuring External Gods, Great Old Ones, Lovecraftian entities and characters from the Myth!

– various game elements, like hardwood boards and tokens!

– all the unlocked elements, among which, magnets, diaries and more!

Each story in Arkham Archives uses different mechanics and creates innovative ways of using the card deck and game materials.

In other words, you will play 4 different games!

The experience you will get is differentiated, entertaining and always fresh. Moreover, different mechanics allow you to experience the pressure each of the protagonists feels on herself or himself: physical pain, time, ammunitions and much more!

The first book follows the story of Jack, an archaeologist stationed in Egypt, as he finds the entrance to a cavern full of unspeakable horrors.

In this chapter, you’ll have an inventory of items at your disposal. By using and recombining them, you can make your way towards the end of the abyss. But be aware: the cards will keep track of physical and mental fatigue! If you end your cards, you either become mad or die… which, in the Lovecraftian world, is probably preferable! 

The second book tells the tale of Queen, a popular radio star, who wakes up in a laboratory and finds out she’s been the subject of terrifying experiments.

Here, time is your most fearful enemy: a clock token will run as you explore the facility, and each minute shrinks your chances of getting out alive. As the story goes by, an unpredictable event will turn the table, and you will find yourself the prey of an obscure chase… and time, again, will make the difference between life and death!

The third book retraces the chronicle of King, a policeman who has been driven insane by a mysterious entity, and is now unable of telling what’s real and what’s not. 

The unique trait of this gamebook is represented by ammunitions and weapons. The main character spreads fear with his guns and tokens will fulfill your primer. Keep track of your inventory, since the army of Shoggots and Nightgaunts will not stop tormenting you, but you will only have so much ammo to use! 

The fourth book closes the cycle with Ace, the kid who witnessed all. As apocalypse approaches the world, only his knowledge can bring hope to humanity.

The mechanics of this chapter depend on what you build during the previous books: your choices will determine the weapons in your hands. The amazing part of Ace’s adventure is the fact that it can be played in many different ways, and if you take specific choices in the past chapters, you might experience up to 4 additional different gamebooks in one!

The different pledge levels are thought for both the ones who backed our previous Kickstarter and for new fans who want to live this adventure.

Each level offers different materials, and all of them will contain each single unlockable element that will be added during the Kickstarter.

Social Goals will be unlocked once we reach a certain number of follower on the platforms we use to stay in touch with you.

According to the success rate we get, you will unlock different combination of Lovecraftian magnets!

We will unlock the magnets at the following goals:

  • 2000 Facebook fans;
  • 500 Instagram followers;
  • 150 YouTube Subscribers;
  • 300 BoardGameGeek followers;
  • 2/4 of the previous goals unlocked;
  • 4/4 of the previous goals unlocked.

We’ll reveal the full set as the campaign goes by. In the meantime, check the first one. Remember: the magnets glow in the dark!

We are an indie company of Italian game designers.

Apart from the Arkham Archives project, a Lovecraftian adventure, we have so many new board games in mind, mainly German, party games, and D&D and Pathfinder environments!

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